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EAI Education

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EAI Education
Location: Oakland, NJ


EAI Education, an educational supply company located in Oakland, New Jersey, wanted to redesign and renovate their outdated office, prompting them to reach out for assistance. The project’s goal was to transform their workspace into something much more inviting, encompassing elements such as a new layout, carpet, paint, window treatments and furniture with the aim of modernizing the look and function of their office space. They also wanted to create a space that was welcoming for the employees and provided an elevated solution to their storage needs without looking cluttered.


Recognizing that EAI Education experiences peak business activity from March through November due to supplying schools, the client requested the work to be completed between Thanksgiving and Christmas. RI Workplace undertook the project with a comprehensive solution, not only involving redesign but also encompassing the renovation and furnishing of the entire office space. Our approach included understanding EAI Education’s specific requirements, addressing outdated elements, and creating a modern, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing workspace. Their current space had too many colors, open storage and products everywhere. We decided a more neutral approach in the architecture would create the balance between the colors coming from their products and only choosing a few accent walls to splash a youthful pattern, which were hand-painted.


The newly designed, built, and furnished office in Oakland, NJ, signifies a remarkable transformation for EAI Education. Their 80’s style space has been transformed into a modern and functional workspace that meets today’s standards for their industry. The office now exudes a cohesive and updated aesthetic, providing an enhanced work environment for the company and its employees. Considerate design and furnishing choices contribute to a space that fosters productivity, collaboration, and employee satisfaction, aligning seamlessly with EAI Education’s vision for a refreshed and inspiring office environment. The entire space has been refreshed, offering employees more desk and storage space. Some design features we chose included carpet transitions, creating a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere.

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