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5 Ways to Incorporate your Brand into your Office Design

5 Ways to Incorporate your Brand into your Office Design

5 Ways to Incorporate your Brand into your Office Design

Many successful office designs (and redesigns) reflect a company’s brand. The reason they are successful is because like any good execution, the concept is well thought out. Here are some things to think about if you are interested in more closely integrating your brand into your office space:

1. Use of Logos and Slogans

This is a delicate area. Too much, and it’s overkill. You want to foster company pride, and reinforce your identity, but being sparse and placing it in the right spot is the key. For example, you might want to limit that slightly bolder brand statement to reception areas where visitors are greeted. An abstract take on your logo as an accent wall might work very well in this case. Many organizations use eye-catching floor mosaics of their brand identity just inside the entrance. A small logo on nameplates outside of offices might be a nice touch. Or how about a logo on glass, just like the example in the photo for this blog?!

2. Use of Colors

You may want to consider drawing from the branding color palette when it comes to the paint or fabrics. When you fly commercial airlines (which are their “offices in the sky”), do you notice that the seats and/or carpeting usually have the brand’s colors? That’s the idea. Present, but subtle. A word of caution- some schools of thought place a high emphasis on the psychology of color and how it affects moods. You can Google it and get plenty of useful information.

3. Corporate Values

Do you foster a collaborative environment? Allocating space for open floor plans help demonstrate that you talk the talk AND walk the walk. That’s just one example of how your office space can reflect your corporate values.

4. The Name Game

Many companies will reinforce their brand by assigning building wings or conference rooms with names that relate to the brand. How about involving the employees in a naming contest that helps strengthen the bond between the company and its workers?

5. The “Art” of Branding

Professional photos of what you produce or the service you provide is a great way to showcase your prowess. Artwork that is identifiable with/iconic to the industry you are in can be a powerful, moving statement. Additionally, photos that reflect the company values or inspirational photography can be great aesthetics as well as boosters of morale and pride.

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