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Reasons why an office refresh is a great idea

Renovated Kitchen and Cafeteria Area with branded colors

Reasons why an office refresh is a great idea

Reasons Why an Office Refresh is a Great Idea

Growth Preparation

If your company is growing and you expect to add more employees over the next year, an office renovation is a great way to prepare. Whether you’re adding more space, or simply re-designing your current layout, it’s important to prepare for new staff so everyone feels comfortable in their work environment.

Reinvigorate Your Customer Experience

This is a great opportunity to consider the experience you are providing to your customers and consider how you could improve it. This is an opportunity to align your new office interior design more closely to your brand, values, story and culture.

Use This Chance to Upgrade to the Latest Technologies

There’s no better time to make an upgrade to the latest technologies than when you refresh your office.

Boost Employee Morale

When planning an office refresh project, it’s a great time to get your employees involved and working as a team. Why not ask them how they think the new space should look? By upgrading your workplace, you will find that your employees will be more energized and productive. Today’s talent is seeking employers who prioritize their well-being and encourage a sustainable, work-life balance. With an improved space, you will find employee talent retention and attraction much easier.

Take into account small changes. For example, incorporating nature into your new space can have major benefits. The University of Technology in Sydney reported that offices with plants or living walls decrease employee depression by 58% and reduce fatigue among workers by 38%. Additionally, the University of Exeter found that houseplants in the office helped increase employee productivity by 15%. Other changes such as providing areas for employee collaboration and socialization allows workers to choose where to work for maximum productivity. This will also enhance company culture as employees are given a place where they can enjoy lunch together with their colleagues. By making your space more personal, employees can feel at home. Relatively inexpensive upgrades such as hanging a panel where employees can post family photos can make employees feel more comfortable.

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