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RI acts as an owner’s representative

But what is an owner’s rep and what do they do? An owner’s representative – or rep for short – is hired by a project owner to represent them during their entire office design and construction project. From site selection, design style, and legal requirements, through to construction.

The key ingredient in our process is collaboration.

The owner’s rep serves as a liaison and advocate, ensuring the project owner’s goals, vision, budget – and best interests – are always met.

As an owner’s rep, RI likes to ideally begin working on a project right from the outset – at the point of office selection. This allows us to:

• Identify your budget
• Understand your project objectives
• Implement a realistic schedule that supports your goals
• Share our expertise throughout your whole project journey

Once these key steps have been undertaken, RI will identify and assemble the perfect team of design, construction and consultants to bring your project to life.

Once construction is underway, we’ll focus on the management, co-ordination and communication of the project, developing a project masterplan that aligns the scope of the work in hand with schedules – and ensuring everything is going exactly to plan.

As a final step, we ensure a seamless close-out of the project and successful move-in of our clients.

Here’s a list of the benefits we, as owner’s reps, can bring to bring to a project:

• Saving you time and money across the project
• Technical expertise and support
• Providing a bespoke team of experts
• Managing relationships between project entities and teams
• Managing and supervising budgets and project schedules

Have an office design or construction project in the pipeline and want to know more? Give us a call today and let’s get the ball rolling.