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Activity-Based Design

Concept Floorplan of how to best use a truly open concept office

Activity-Based Design

“Activity-based” office plans may inject dull thoughts of an assembly line-like office design but this is far from what it entails. These new and innovative trends are tailor-made for each and every business attempting to improve productivity of the work chain. This addresses re-planning and designing buildings based on what people do. When employees come in during the day, the first thing they do is check e-mail and voice mail. After they’ve touched down, they might have a meeting. If it’s not confidential, they can have it in the open conference space. If it is confidential, they can use a private designated, enclosed space. Despite the fact that workers have smaller spaces, they have more activities to choose from and aren’t tethered to a desk anymore. Perhaps now, there is space for a coffee bar, a library, a resource center, maybe a cafe, as well as all the little private rooms.


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